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As a pool builder deeply committed to design excellence and top-tier quality, Russell holds a degree in Architectural Drafting. With over a decade of experience in the construction industry, particularly in remodel design, he's acquired valuable insights into architectural design and permit processes. This expertise enables him to meticulously oversee all facets of pool construction, ensuring that the final result meets the most exacting standards. Family values, hard work, commitment, and attention to detail remain the core vales in Hause Pools' operations, and Russell is committed to putting those into action every day and on every project. 

A true Texan native from San Antonio, he tied the knot with his amazing wife, Kelly, in 2018. Together, they take pride in raising their two children, Braxton and Jacelynn. 

Also in 2018, Hause Pools was born. Russell embarked on a thrilling entrepreneurial journey by establishing his own pool business. The decision to delve into this industry was fueled by a passion for creating beautiful outdoor spaces and a desire to provide quality pool services to the community. As he laid the foundation for his business, he harbored a long-term vision that extended beyond personal success. With a hopeful heart, he envisioned a legacy where his children would one day step into the reins of his family business. The dream was not only about financial prosperity but also about fostering a sense of continuity and familial pride. With each pool designed, built, and maintained, he aims to create a flourishing enterprise that could stand the test of time, eventually becoming a cherished family legacy for generations to come.

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